Friday, July 24, 2009

Genius, has the courage to be laughed at...!!! :)


As a famous quote goes--
"Courage is Fear that has said its Prayers..."
:- Dorothy Bernard

I have been badly wanting to talk about this crazy person, Mr.Gerolamo Cardano --who I think deserves a special mention for being such a courageous person, bold enough to follow his crazy-hunches about the mysterious field of numbers..!

Please do give me your feed-back on whether I've been successful in presenting the following problem/anecdote effectively..!!

I wanted to describe one specific achievement of his, which exemplifies the sheer Courage of so many great minds in the past, in "standing up, & standing firm" for What one's Heart feels Right, despite the whole world around laughing at the apparent "non-sense" of your ideas...!

This episode has been documented in Cardano's magnum-opus -- "Ars Magna"--(literally, "the Great Art"..!)...

And i decided to try my BEST to really come up with a step-by-step description of the same..!!

Please do let me know how you like(d) it..Will YOU..!?!

have long craved for a way to somehow "express" the mad-torrent of colors & ideas & nuggets of anecdotes, etc., with a high-fidelity w.r.t. HOW/WHAT i really "see" or "feel" ...!!

And now, I am finally trying to "get it out"..."Before i Go...!"... :)
[Click on the images below, & let me know WHICH one You like the BEST..!]

Awaiting your reply/feed-back...

With Lots of Love & Best Wishes,

The boy in "rags",
Planet (H)eart(h)


" either a daring adventure, or nothing."
:- Helen Keller


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