Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Purr-pose of my Blog/Life...?! :)

As my friends know, I Al[l]?-ways dream[t]? restlessly of sharing my lit'l every-day/night discoveries regarding So many Beautiful things--including human(?) endeavours like Mathematics,Science,Computing,Music,Poetry,Arts--as well as the bedazzling array of Natural Phenomena ..!! :)

Here, I am trying to do just that--in my own Crazy way--as if I am talking to a beloved friend & confidante..!

Well, I believe that there are So many amazing Sur(e)-Prizes..lurking both in the WORLD(s) Beyond..as well as the WORLD(s) Within U(s)..!! :)

Please bear with the lit'l boy in 'rags'. . . & his frequently Knotty/naughty word-play..! :)

Thanks, & hope it will
inspire you to 'perspire' and/or 'respire'?! ;-)

With Love & Best Wishes, Al[l]? ways..
The boy in "rags"

"It is Never Too Late to be What you Might have been."
:- George Eliot

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