Sunday, December 1, 2013

Is Ignorance Bliss or...?

Some thought on ignorance...and bliss...
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When I think a lot about the World about me (& within too!), & also about my own stupidity & fallacies, & how I hurt my loved & loving ones sometimes [though always inadvertently!:-( ], I cannot help but wonder if the phrase 'being blissful' involves being in-sensitive of what is happening around; sort of being 'A L O O F' (anagram for 'A FOOL' !! )...

Is that how we should be 'blissful' ?

Or is '
bliss' all about maintaining a state of 'feigned ignorance' ?

What if the apparent 'ignorance' (as seen by the other person) were true 'innocence' ??

Sigh !! I Do Not Know...
Do I Need To ?? I do not know That either.

I just wonder & ponder, as I mull & wander...

The boy in "rags"
Planet (H)Eart(h)