Sunday, January 30, 2011

Frem Negative to Positive..! <3 :)

Hi pa,

The other day, while thinking of the strange vicissitudes of life, I came up with a very nice quote...but unfortunately, very few of my friends seem to have pondered about it, & the loving, love-ly graphs I came up to support it & the corollaries...!! :-(

So, here i am...writing to share my 'babies' hope...! :)

What i thought/said was...

"Life, is a sine-wave."

Later, it dawned on me that, all life "dies" down ultimately...even a wave loses its energy ultimately ( in the "real" universe, not theoretical..!)...

So, I modified my statement to :

"Life, is a (damped) sine-wave (in space-time)."

Hahaha..! Here's a real "Damp" life/wave...! [click on it fer a better view..!]

It was generated by plotting the below equation . .. [click on the image to see better !]

E^(-t/2)*(Sin(4t)). . . :)

Note the "negativity" in it...!! :-| :)

. . .A stroke of Optimism later...! ;) :)

But soon, I asked my-self ( & the equations..!) :

What happens if U use a bit of Positivity..???

And also have a Co-(Pilot/Sine)...& half a pi(e) to eat..?? :)) [click on the image below to appreciate it..!]

E^(+t/2)*  Cos(4*t + Pi/2). . . :)

Just LOOK at the Change (in INPUT, & hence, in the OUTPUT!)...! ;) :)

Click on the below image to see it fer yourself ! :)

Hope you take the second wave-form as your Life...!

In deed, with a disturbance like ME in your Life...HOW can it be a Damped sine Wave...?? ;-) 

It shall un-DoubteDly be an Ever-Rising WAVE of Joy & Wonder...with an under-current of calm observation & bliss...! 


Take care...and keep L(i/o)ving...!! :-O :)

Lots of Love & Best wishes,

The moron in 'rags'
Planet Earth
The reluctance to put away 'childish' things may be a requirement of genius.  
~Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Search for Snakes...! :)

Hi pa,

Thanks to my friends Hemanth, Gundeep, Anand & Amit, me got to know recently that 2011, apart from being a prime, is also the sum of 11 consecutive primes..!

Here's the problem formulation I managed to somehow type...which i have tried to make as generic as possible...
(except for the operation being Summation...!! It could be Product, or anything you can think of ! Feel Free to play around, explore & note down any beautiful patterns u may stumble upon...! :) )

Please click on the below picture to read the text's just my silly analogies..but hope it's clear enough..?! :)

I decided to scribble some code to do this...& I discussed with many of my dear friends like Pavan, Prasidhya, et al., about my intuition as to how to go about it...I am Always indebted to them, fer NEVER EVER getting irritated with me-moron, but always smilingly listening to what I had to say ( or scribble & doodle, as always..! :) )...!

But somehow, i could never bring myself to actually write any piece of code---i was in that 'stuck' state...of utter emptiness, like always..! :)

I would struggle to articulate & explain one approach to my dears, & my MIND would soon fill up with counter-arguments for it, & soo much noise that I soon decided to shut-up & stop disturbing them with my stupid blabberings, and instead, leave the problem...(to simmer...! :))...

Post-Lunch....alone....and a hunch...!! ;) :)

And one fine day...(not so fine...since i was all lonely fer lunch...!), I was walking back from lunch, looking up @ the lovely clouds floating in the azure skies....& ...YES..! :)

i suddenly felt the ideas rushing into me...!! :)

i hurried up to my floor...took a cup of Tea...& feverishly typed a baby Java program...(not meant to be a model of ways..but, instead, just a transliteration of what i 'heard/felt' ...should/can be discover this LONG, coiled, camouflaged SNAKE...nestled in the infinite ROPE of Numbers...!!

And except for an initial "ArrayIndexOfOutOfBoundsException" once, my baby program ran without any hassles...& showed me exactly what i wanted to see !  Phew !! :)

Have decided to share the complete code fer YOU, if you are interested, so that you can improve/modify it & do your own experiments...! :)

Please visit the below link to see the source-code (scantily/crazily documented...on the 'spur of the moment' :) )...u can hv a good laugh @ HOW it is JUST a plain translation of my childish idea...! :)

Click on the below image to see a sample run... :)

Hope you too begin 'seeing' some snakes & worms & patterns in numbers then...!

Take care...and keep L(i/o)ving...!! :-O :)

Lots of Love & Best wishes,

The moron in 'rags'
Planet Earth
One of my all-time inspiring quotes...(yet again..!!)
Computers are useless; they can ONLY give you answers.
:- Pablo Picasso
(Hope the lit'l child below makes you smile..?? Courtesy  of dear Mr.Charles M. Schulz (Peanuts) :) My state was/is JUSST Like this...Hmmm...!!)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Searching. . .in Vain ! :-|

Hi pa,

Recently, my dear friend Vijay had written a love-ly poem in Kannada, which reminded me to share a "bhaavageethe" (bhaava=emotion, geethe=song) written by the poet G.S.Shivarudrappa & rendered so poignantly by the late C.Ashwath, a legendary singer & music composer himself.

I vowed to try & type that song in KannaDa script & only recently, managed to do it..!

Phew..! Better late than never..! :)

So, here it You, dear Promised..! :)
{Please do contact me to receive the brilliantly composed song (audio)...! Shall only be too happy to share it.. :)}

Click on the below image, to read/see better..!

. . .a Love-ly song indeed..!

It says how we search in vain fer a God that does NOT exist...amongst ruins of stones & mortar, whilst missing to see/feel the divine essence in our own midst..among our fellow beings, in our beauty..! 
It also laughs at how we build fortresses of arrogance & stone-hearted numbness, stifling the eternal bliss of Love that could have flowered within..! :-(

So apt & relevant for OLL of us, in this age of superficial progress & inner shallowness & stupidity!

Love & Best Wishes,

The moron in 'rags'
Planet Earth