Thursday, August 6, 2009

(Self-)Snap of a Ghost....!!! :)

Hi pa..!!

Please let me know ---HOW's this image (below)..for a poster/wall-paper...for my-Self...?? :]


Had been wanting to share this Strange Snap frem a LOOOONG time...(perhaps 3-4 years..?? not sure...!! )...

But was groping & struggling for the "right" words to Describe my Deeply CRAZY ( or CRAZilY Deep.?!?) HEART & MIND...!!

Thankfully, recently, I stumbled upon this LOVE-ly poem which described things almost perfectly......& decided to put it here..!!

I clicked this snap mySELF...with my baby-camera...! :)

LOVE & Best Wishes,

The boy in "rags"
Planet (H)earth
"I close my order to see..."
:-Paul Gauguin
Click on the below image & Let me know HOW it is..!! :)


  1. hey raghu..had seen this snap earlier..
    its a wallpaper material..colors are very well awesome shot..:)


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