Sunday, January 30, 2011

Frem Negative to Positive..! <3 :)

Hi pa,

The other day, while thinking of the strange vicissitudes of life, I came up with a very nice quote...but unfortunately, very few of my friends seem to have pondered about it, & the loving, love-ly graphs I came up to support it & the corollaries...!! :-(

So, here i am...writing to share my 'babies' hope...! :)

What i thought/said was...

"Life, is a sine-wave."

Later, it dawned on me that, all life "dies" down ultimately...even a wave loses its energy ultimately ( in the "real" universe, not theoretical..!)...

So, I modified my statement to :

"Life, is a (damped) sine-wave (in space-time)."

Hahaha..! Here's a real "Damp" life/wave...! [click on it fer a better view..!]

It was generated by plotting the below equation . .. [click on the image to see better !]

E^(-t/2)*(Sin(4t)). . . :)

Note the "negativity" in it...!! :-| :)

. . .A stroke of Optimism later...! ;) :)

But soon, I asked my-self ( & the equations..!) :

What happens if U use a bit of Positivity..???

And also have a Co-(Pilot/Sine)...& half a pi(e) to eat..?? :)) [click on the image below to appreciate it..!]

E^(+t/2)*  Cos(4*t + Pi/2). . . :)

Just LOOK at the Change (in INPUT, & hence, in the OUTPUT!)...! ;) :)

Click on the below image to see it fer yourself ! :)

Hope you take the second wave-form as your Life...!

In deed, with a disturbance like ME in your Life...HOW can it be a Damped sine Wave...?? ;-) 

It shall un-DoubteDly be an Ever-Rising WAVE of Joy & Wonder...with an under-current of calm observation & bliss...! 


Take care...and keep L(i/o)ving...!! :-O :)

Lots of Love & Best wishes,

The moron in 'rags'
Planet Earth
The reluctance to put away 'childish' things may be a requirement of genius.  
~Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

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