Thursday, July 16, 2009

Innovative Use of (Open-Source) Software to Save Energy..! :)

Well, well, well...!! :)

After reading the "illuminating" article on selecting a Water-Heater by Srikanth, me was really wondering bout the rather confusing notion of "Conserving ENERGY"..!! :)

As my dear friend Prashant & I used to discuss and wonder often amongst ourselves---
"What happens to ALL the Electrical Energy in the conducting wires if we do NOT 'use it'..??"

"Especially, won't the Energy simply get dissipated(Resistance, etc..) anyhow..? "..we often pondered...doubting the "myth" of "Saving" Energy...hahaha..!

Hmmmm...ENERGY, is another intriguing concept/entity in deed...! :)
(like Humans ...esp Women..!? ;-) Ha ha ha! No offence meant please..! In fact, even Dr. Sigmund Freud would agree would most of we-Men & women themselves!? ;-) )

Anyway, I came across a very innovative application of Java EE, Speech Recognizing Software, Sensor devices, & that too almost all of them achieve savings in the Energy Consumption involved in HEATING systems for a house..

Please do check it out is called GREEN-FIRE -- a "Java EE 5 based Heating Management & Monitoring system".

Also, what impressed me was the fact that one of the key brains behind it, Mr.Adam Bien, a Java Champion himself, has it even "deployed" & running the heating system of his home for the past 2 years...& claims it really works..! :)

You can read more about how this works on his blog...

Now, this is what I like the most---to (crazily, if need be!) "JUST Do it..!" :)

Cheers !!

the boy in "rags"
And here's a funny lit'l cartoon about a Clever Lit'l Worm..! (courtesy : "BC" )
My friends know HOW much i Love such cartoons & what a CRAZY collection i have too..! So, I shall be sharing them too frem NOW..! :)

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