Monday, March 22, 2010

How Eye-deas re(oc)curr in Nature....! :)

Déjà View...! :)
Hi pa..!

Please consider the following 2 snaps...both conceived & formed by 2 different in-duh-viduals, for 2 similar looking visuals...!!

Below is my (self-)snap that I had taken looooong ago(2005 ?!) in my village...on one lonely evening, in the fading the mirror...
(It has become my signature image ever many of my dearest friends know...)

And....below, is the image from the James Cameron movie---AVATAR(2009)

Hi-s-tory...repeats, rhymes, & chimes...doesn't it...??? :)

Especially, I feel fascinated by How the SAME IDEAS tend to sprout in different minds at different points in Space-Time...! (The idea of GOD, or fer that matter Calculus, are a few of the many glaring examples of this rare-yet-possible phenomenon..!)

THAT, fer me, is something inexpressibly mysterious, yet contemplate the rare probability that the SAME idea (be it a thought, equation, image, joke, word, poem, fact any idea..!) can SPRING up in 2 separate(??!?) brains...! :)

Hmmmmmmm...... :)

Love & Best Wishes,

The (baffled) boy in rags,
Planet (H)eart(h)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Beautiful Droste Effect !!

(yet) Another disturbance frem me...! :)

Today, in the afternoon, I was just chatting with my friends Adarsh & Shilpa, regarding an interesting drawing that Adarsh had made in his notebook, & our talk somehow veered towards recursively self-referential (or self-inclusive rather..??) diagrams...! :)

And I suddenly remembered the world-renowned brand of Chocolates frem Holland that I had once taken home...& also a very interesting effect that is named after the brand...

If & when free/interested, please check out the so-called Droste Effect..!

Many people have come up with innovative ways of 'transforming' images suitably to bring in this effect.
A very interesting article discussing about an algorithm for doing the same, can be found here!

And in general, if you're drawn to some incredible works of art that achieve the seemingly impossible, you simply cannot afford to miss on the works of the great Dutch illusionist painter-- M.C.Escher

And for a nice article demonstrating the use of one of my favourite softwares-- Mathematica,for transforming a very cute snap of 2 children into one exhibitng the Droste Effect, please do jump to this hyper-link..!

Hope you enjoy(ed) knowing/appreciating this lit'l beautiful phenomenon..?? :)
{ I agree it's a bit dizzying too...but that's how it feels when you taste something maddening...addictive...when you fall in love too..!?? ;-) }

Anyways, take care, keep smiling & keep sharing...! :)...

With Lots of Love & Chocolates...!
[Alright! If not chocolates chocolaty love..?!? ;) :) hahaha]
The boy in rags
Planet (H)Eart(h)
" I do not use drugs. I am drugs ! "
- Salvador Dali, the great surrealist painter 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A new Discovery..! :)

"Spirits in the Sand...

The latest National Geographic magazine carries a nice article explaining the latest explanations of the mysterious lines at Nasca/Nazca in Peru...which have baffled & intrigued us since centuries..!

Hope you enjoy this info.

Love & Cheers..!
A nice lit'l animation speculating HOW our ancestors created such patterns...