Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i-mORon on OR..!! ;)

i-mORon on OR(Operations Research)..!! ;)

ell, well, well..! :)

Finally, I got a "spare"/rare Sunday to "spare" & sat like a lunatic with my laptop & did what me so badly wanted to do..! :)

As my dear friend,mentor & idol Srikanth Seshadri a.k.a "Sriki" :) had discussed recently in his interesting BLOG article, me too was curious to see if my intuitive understanding that the problem he discussed there was simply about finding the Function-Maximum subject to certain "constraints"... was anywhere near being correct...(which is so rare indeed!:)) !

So I really thought about how to apply somethings @ night & devised a plan, & sat about doing it & at the same time writing about it too...!

And as you can see, I've literally strewn my write-up/solution with Crazy Little HEARTS...
( i myself house one..! Ahemm..! ;) )

This is what I call putting HEART(s) into something..hehehe..!!

Anyway, I want you to let me know WHICH of the following you liked the most in terms of COLOR-Combinations, EASE-on-the-EYES, Aesthetics, etc..!!

Hope you liked the clarity of the writing/fonts, the notations, etc..?? :)

Well, all i can say in my style is that i am "nuts" about notations..! ;)

But, now, I feel it pretty much mimicks what my HEART would have liked to see, or what I would have painstakingly written if i could write by hand or on a black/white-board..!? :)

And "ferget" the aesthetics..it actually WORKED you know..!

i.e., my innocent guess about what needed to be done to solve this problem proved right, & hence, luckily, me arrived at the same solution as that discussed in the original blog..!

ALL thanks to my LUCK, & intuition & the wonderful inspiration provided by my dear dear friends..ALL the time..! :)

And last but not the LEAST, this is thanks to something very VERY Special me Discovered of Late...which will allow me to come up with MANY MANY MANY Such AMazingly COLOUR-ful as well as USEFUL(fer a change. . .!!:) Though some of the most Beautiful things have no apparent USE for us Puny humans..! ) revelations/expositions..!!!

I will devote a lot of space/time in setting about describing this Magical thing that I have stumbled upon SOON..!! :)

Fer now...

Can You Please CLICK on each of the images below & Please LET ME KNOW pa..?!! :)

The boy in "rags"
Planet (H)eart(h)






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  1. Well, ridiculous though it may seem, let *me* Myself comment on the work, saying that the Answer is Actually Wrong...!!! :)

    It is not 50 bolts & 50 rivets ...!!

    But 50 *boxes* of bolts & 50 *boxes* of rivets..!!!

    Me knew me would goof up a bit..! :)

    After all, can't expect much frem a Nut..! ;-)

    But fergiving me fer that, what about feedback for other aspects..?

    You're welcome..please do lemme know..!



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