Wednesday, June 27, 2012

StandStill !

The Beauty & Mystery of Stillness...

Hi pa,
Here's another 'figurative' gem by Cummings

His poems were so avant-garde & different that people mistook them to be the manifestations of the Printer's Devil!

SEE n 'FEEL' it !
[Click on it to view it clearly..! :)]

Keep Smiling, and Keep L(i/o)ving...!! ;-)

Love & Best WIshes,

The boy in "rags"

"There is a society in the deepest solitude."
--Benjamin Disraeli

Monday, June 25, 2012

Be Grateful !


Well, I heard this message frem a great master. And immediately decided to type-set it, & share it with oLL of my dear friends..!

Please read on, & let me know how you liked it...!
 [Click on the image to view/read clearly..! :)]

I feel we all tend to 'ignore' & 'be numb to' the MiRacles of/in Every-day existence...!

If ONLY we Could perceive them afresh Each moment, like Children do, we will All be Mighty Happy & won't even have time to cemplain...!

Take care, 
L(i/o)ve with a Grateful, Sensitive Heart...!!  <3 ;-) :-)

Love & Thanks,

The boy in "rags",
Planet Earth

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poetry for the eye...


One of my favourites, one of the most daringly different, brilliant & 'crazy' poets, Cummings was highly influenced by works of Cubism as well & decided to achieve what Picasso et al achieved in Drawing/Painting/Sculptures via Poetry...

He paid tribute to Picasso by creating Poetry "for/of" the Eye...where a poem not only conveys through words & sounds...but by its very visual form too...!

Jusst SEE n 'FEEL' this lit'l beauty which I saw now & typeset fer you...!
[Click on it to view it clearly..! :)]

Now STEP Back...and "SEE" the poem...and what it is TRYing to convey....

...imagine...a leaf falling....hmmmm...!!!....

A tiny gem with a powerful effect on the observer indeed...!!

Keep Smiling, and Keep L(i/o)ving...!! ;-)

Love & Best WIshes,

The boy in "rags"

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Knotty M.E for You!

Naughty me, with a Knotty M.E....!! 

Well, well, well...!

I have been LOST deep in patterns, numbers n other stuff...

But little did I know that I'd come across a beautiful thing like the one below, while randomly playing eround with Mathematica :
[Click on it to view it in its full-glory..! :)]

This is a plot of well...a Knotty M.E...!!! ;) :)

I mean a Knotty Mathematical Entity....!!!

Knots are a separate field in Mathematics now with lots of significance, concerned frem Topology to the Physics of dimensions, String Theory, etc...

Well we can't know what secrets lie where, in our surprising Universe...both well as within...both on the edge of the observable well as deep within the atomic-levels...!!

Hope it made you smile & it did fer me...!

Keep Smiling, and Stay Knotty/Naughty...!! ;-)

Love & Best WIshes in tight KNOTS always...,

The boy in rags