Friday, August 28, 2009

The Mystery of Enlightenment...!

I want to share the below conversation I saw/remembered. . .which illustrates the contradictory-looking nature/words of the great Eastern Masters...(that's because, the underlying Reality/illusion so contradictory...with such a dual nature, that its description too becomes cryptic & even non-sense to the Logical Mind, which can never get it...!)

great Indian Master was once asked by one of his perplexed disciples,

" Master, I really do not understand...!!

You once said that --
'The journey to Enlightenment is very hard and arduous! '

but..but...I also remember you saying yesterday that--
'Enlightenment is right Here and don't have to go anywhere to get it!'

How is this possible..? Isn't that contradictory..? "

To this, the Master nodded his head, smiled and calmly replied:

" Not at all. What i said is true.

, or GOD or whatever you may want to label
ALWAYS Right Here, & Right NOW..!

But are YOU..??

It is YOU who is NOT
HERE & NOW...!!

You are in your false world of illusions...always either in the PAST or in the FUTURE...either HERE or THERE..!!

Hence, it is YOU who has a long & arduous journey to the HERE & the NOW...!
/ waiting fer YOU..Right Here, Right Now..!

It is Right here, Right now--in fact all around your blood, in your breath, in every heart-beat of yours...!

But are YOU here..?

NO !!

It is difficult for you to leave the world your ego has created--replete with a false sense of security, wealth, name, etc...!

It needs Courage to take that plunge...& to really "SEE"...the fact that the process is EASY because of GOD...but difficult because of YOU..!!


Love & Best Wishes,

The boy in "rags"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spring goes Virtual..! :)

Well, well, well..!! :)

This was a pleasant surprise indeed..that
SpringSource, after much careful deliberation agreed to be acquired & be a part of VMware inc.

And it is heartening indeed to know that, despite being acquired by VMware, SpringSource
will continue to be committed to supporting its open-source, free model...& that VMware also supports this idea, thus bringing smiles to the developer-community all around the world..!

For more details, you can read this blog article by Spring's Rod Johnson himself..
or..the blog article of VMware's CTO, Mr. Steve Harrod..! :)

Can't wait to see the new wave of "children"---i mean the innovative products & architectural paradigms that could come about with this marriage of 2 innovative, complementary halves...! ;-)

Love & Cheers...!!

The boy in "rags"
Planet (H)eart(h)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Genius, again...!!! :) Whew..!!

Check *this* out too..!! :)
(Click on the image below, & see this tiny beauty that left people baffled..!! :))

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pure, Sheer GeniuS...001 !!!! :)

Hey !!

Just check this out pa..!!

I spent hours struggling to "express" something I badly wanted to share...!
...Something that struck me with Awe...while I could only wonder & stare...!!!

I may EVEN start a new blog DEDICATED to share the Gems of this great Indian genius--called
Ramanujan ...

I have decided to christen that series-- "Ramanu-Gems"---the gems of Ramanujan..! :)

HOWEVER, for (starters!) now...

Please let me know...if the presentation is Good enough...!!

I just want to "present" this SHEER Gem of a person & his works to the a way that captivates the interests of MANY such budding talents...blossoming flowers, which get trampled in the bud some sheer stupidity on the part of teachers, & the so-called grown-ups..!!! :-(

Love & Best Wishes,

The boy in "rags"
Planet (H)Eart(h)
CLICK on the image see the love-ly gem of an equation by Ramanujan..!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Glass-(H)ic Work..!! ;)

Hi pa...

Have been wanting to share this since Friendship-day..!!
But fer ma'friends, everyday is Friendship day..! :)

So...although me too ALWAYS..!!

{I am the LATE Mr.Raghu...!! :))}


Jusst check the image below this article..!!

this is made by "rotating" a line around an imaginary axis...after (presumably) dipping that line ( or worm, or thread..or whatever..! :) ) in colours/dyes of my CHOICE..!!! ;)

Nice na..??


He he he !!

I know, this might rotate your head into a tizzy..but TRUST's really NOT that complex...! :)
It's amazing HOW complexity arises out of utter in Fractals,in our Minds, bodies,
in the whole Universe..!

Well...we can design an infinite number of glasses, wine-goblets, or even FLOWER-vases...this way...!!!!

Another thing that's making me to try n find some equations that can produce a huge gamut of FLOWERS...symmetric ones, & even purr-posely(!) asymmetric Orchids...!!
( I know the purr-pose..GOD/Creator...surely is naughty..!! ;-) )
But one flower that is so the ROSE..!! :-(
Me is stubbornly AFTER it though...Let us see...!! :)

if only the output of this could drive a Computer-Controlled Manufacturing machine...!!
I could then employ even tiny-tots..& create pioneering, trend-setting new Designs...!!


OLL i wanted to say is...


Sorry to disturb YOU...but THANKS fer allowing me-MORON to...!!!

Take care..and be AWAKE...!! :)

Love & Best Wishes,

The M/Gl/B-aD boy in "rags"

Planet (H)eart(H)

"CREATIVITY . . .is making mistakes...
ART . . . is knowing which ones to keep...!"

:- Scott Adams ( the author of my favourite Dilbert cartoon-strip)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hmmmmmm...!! :)

Our L(i)ves...are just Li(v)es...Dreams...!

So... the Truth(?)..that Ends our Li(v)es...!! :)

Death is the SLEEP..that Wakes us UP..! :)

:- the ghost in "rags"..! :)


Thursday, August 6, 2009

(Self-)Snap of a Ghost....!!! :)

Hi pa..!!

Please let me know ---HOW's this image (below)..for a poster/wall-paper...for my-Self...?? :]


Had been wanting to share this Strange Snap frem a LOOOONG time...(perhaps 3-4 years..?? not sure...!! )...

But was groping & struggling for the "right" words to Describe my Deeply CRAZY ( or CRAZilY Deep.?!?) HEART & MIND...!!

Thankfully, recently, I stumbled upon this LOVE-ly poem which described things almost perfectly......& decided to put it here..!!

I clicked this snap mySELF...with my baby-camera...! :)

LOVE & Best Wishes,

The boy in "rags"
Planet (H)earth
"I close my order to see..."
:-Paul Gauguin
Click on the below image & Let me know HOW it is..!! :)