Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still "eclipsed" in Darkness..!!? :-( Wake UP..! :)

Hi pa...!! :)

Well, I began seeing the snaps of today's Solar Eclipse that was very nicely visible from Northern parts of India..

I am attaching pics of the same herewith...[courtesy :- The Times of India]

Such a SHAME indeed that, we people still abhor/cower-at Nature's grand shows like these...!

Just see the snaps I say..!! :)

So beautiful and rare a phenomenon in deed..!!

It is so strange ( & downright silly & sometimes tragic too !!) that we people still hold those poor, lovely celestial bodies responsible for our failures, successes, health, wealth, conditions,etc & we go to the extent of even allowing their positions to decide &/or determine our jobs, our houses, or even our life-partners...!!

I really do NOT agree with this...!!!

I bet even Wild animals are more prudent in this aspect..!!

As the great scientist, my dear
Carl Sagan lamented...
"Almost EVERY newspaper in the world carries an
Astrology column/section, but almost none of them have something devoted to Astronomy."

I really wish we wake up & really "open-our" eyes...our Mind's Eyes...which are STILL "eclipsed" by centuries of dogmas, & blind-beliefs..

With lots of Love & (Sun/De-)Light..!!

The boy in "rags"



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