Friday, July 17, 2009

i-Dream("T")...!! :)

Hi pa..!!

Goood Morning...!!

Wanted to Tell you something I Felt..(alongwith a Beautiful Image of my Little (i)-Dol(l)...!)

Like the book "I, Robot" by the great Mr.Isaac Asimov,

I suddenly 'Woke-up', & realized another thing..that my auto-biography should be called... "I,Dream"..!!!


( Ha ha ha !! English pedants...please excuse me..but words dance before my eyes ALL the time..& I feel this is a nice contraption---stitching together Yesterday & make it Yester-Night..!?? )


I Wept, Slept, Died..and Dreamt...that..

I am more than What i seem...

A Lone restless heart,

and a bustling love-ly team..!!

A DEAD, Frozen lake,

and a live-ly singing stream..!!

Both abysmal Darkness,

and a brilliant Sunbeam...!!

But All of a sudden,

I slipped,... and tripped,

I fell back to Life...

And "awoke" and 'saw' ..that...

I am NOT What i seem...

that "i" am just a lit'l Dream..

that "i" am just a lit'l Dream..!!


:~ The Dream(eR) in "rags"


OH My !!

It became a lit'l Poem itself..!??!

I find that whenever I find it hard/impossible to Express some thought/emotion/experience in my vain words & horribly limited usually comes out as a poem or a picture..or a joke...or as it usually incredible Dream...!!

Hmmmm.. Take care pa..!! Please keep (G-)Listening to Me...!

Will you..??!


I Always (G)listen to me..!!! ;-) :)
{Ha ha ha !! What "shining" Word-play..!! Hope u "saw" it..?!? }

Till i "Go Back" to "SLEEP"...?..hmmm...!

Thank you...!

Love & Best Wishes,
The boy in "rags
Click on the Image Below...
And please Do Let me know..!

Perhaps some more words can flow..
Before, i take the final bow...!? :)...

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  1. Lovely poem! :)

    I know what you mean by ideas being best described in poems etc. It's difficult to capture something verbally in any completeness, poetry can do it by leaving it open to interpretation and re-interpretation without 'closing' it.


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