Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spring goes Virtual..! :)

Well, well, well..!! :)

This was a pleasant surprise indeed..that
SpringSource, after much careful deliberation agreed to be acquired & be a part of VMware inc.

And it is heartening indeed to know that, despite being acquired by VMware, SpringSource
will continue to be committed to supporting its open-source, free model...& that VMware also supports this idea, thus bringing smiles to the developer-community all around the world..!

For more details, you can read this blog article by Spring's Rod Johnson himself..
or..the blog article of VMware's CTO, Mr. Steve Harrod..! :)

Can't wait to see the new wave of "children"---i mean the innovative products & architectural paradigms that could come about with this marriage of 2 innovative, complementary halves...! ;-)

Love & Cheers...!!

The boy in "rags"
Planet (H)eart(h)

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