Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Glass-(H)ic Work..!! ;)

Hi pa...

Have been wanting to share this since Friendship-day..!!
But fer ma'friends, everyday is Friendship day..! :)

So...although me too late...as ALWAYS..!!

{I am the LATE Mr.Raghu...!! :))}

WHY not...today..??

Jusst check the image below this article..!!

this is made by "rotating" a line around an imaginary axis...after (presumably) dipping that line ( or worm, or thread..or whatever..! :) ) in colours/dyes of my CHOICE..!!! ;)

Nice na..??


He he he !!

I know, this might rotate your head into a tizzy..but TRUST me..it's really NOT that complex...! :)
It's amazing HOW complexity arises out of utter Simplicity...like in Fractals,in our Minds, bodies,
in the whole Universe..!

Well...we can design an infinite number of glasses, wine-goblets, or even FLOWER-vases...this way...!!!!

Another thing that's making me sleep-less..is to try n find some equations that can produce a huge gamut of FLOWERS...symmetric ones, & even purr-posely(!) asymmetric ones..like Orchids...!!
( I know the purr-pose..GOD/Creator...surely is naughty..!! ;-) )
But one flower that is so hard...is the ROSE..!! :-(
Me is stubbornly AFTER it though...Let us see...!! :)

if only the output of this could drive a Computer-Controlled Manufacturing machine...!!
I could then employ even tiny-tots..& create pioneering, trend-setting new Designs...!!


OLL i wanted to say is...


Sorry to disturb YOU...but THANKS fer allowing me-MORON to...!!!

Take care..and be AWAKE...!! :)

Love & Best Wishes,

The M/Gl/B-aD boy in "rags"

Planet (H)eart(H)

"CREATIVITY . . .is making mistakes...
ART . . . is knowing which ones to keep...!"

:- Scott Adams ( the author of my favourite Dilbert cartoon-strip)

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