Friday, August 28, 2009

The Mystery of Enlightenment...!

I want to share the below conversation I saw/remembered. . .which illustrates the contradictory-looking nature/words of the great Eastern Masters...(that's because, the underlying Reality/illusion so contradictory...with such a dual nature, that its description too becomes cryptic & even non-sense to the Logical Mind, which can never get it...!)

great Indian Master was once asked by one of his perplexed disciples,

" Master, I really do not understand...!!

You once said that --
'The journey to Enlightenment is very hard and arduous! '

but..but...I also remember you saying yesterday that--
'Enlightenment is right Here and don't have to go anywhere to get it!'

How is this possible..? Isn't that contradictory..? "

To this, the Master nodded his head, smiled and calmly replied:

" Not at all. What i said is true.

, or GOD or whatever you may want to label
ALWAYS Right Here, & Right NOW..!

But are YOU..??

It is YOU who is NOT
HERE & NOW...!!

You are in your false world of illusions...always either in the PAST or in the FUTURE...either HERE or THERE..!!

Hence, it is YOU who has a long & arduous journey to the HERE & the NOW...!
/ waiting fer YOU..Right Here, Right Now..!

It is Right here, Right now--in fact all around your blood, in your breath, in every heart-beat of yours...!

But are YOU here..?

NO !!

It is difficult for you to leave the world your ego has created--replete with a false sense of security, wealth, name, etc...!

It needs Courage to take that plunge...& to really "SEE"...the fact that the process is EASY because of GOD...but difficult because of YOU..!!


Love & Best Wishes,

The boy in "rags"


  1. yaaa... its here & i am always with it...

  2. Very nice. Your explanation is wonderful !

  3. I always feed the fish, they never seem to grow :(

  4. Very good and enlightening content!

  5. enlightenment is mysterious, just liek matrix, no body can be told what enlightenment is, you have to discover it for yourself :-)


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