Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thanks to Mommy :)

A cup of Tea,an idea,and...voila! :)

Yesterday…as I was getting ready to go home early, I got stuck up with some office-work, & ended up having to wait for almost an hour for a bus in which I could jostle & finally reach home…

Not surprisingly, mom was peeved at me for not being home “on-time” ;she waits fer me everyday, just to have a tea with me...!
{My Pappa does not drink tea or coffee. And that leaves only me fer her company…!}

But soon, seeing how tired I was, her anger melted & turned to affection, and before I knew it, I was sitting before the TV with a steaming cup-o’tea, dunking & savouring bread slices, regardless of the fact that it was almost dinner time for the rest of the world.. :)

And then, I had dinner with Pappa & Mommy, but during dinner, there was talk about the world, & various countries, etc. And Mommy became especially curious to know if we could easily get every country’s name, along with its capital-city. 
She seemed impressed at first when I told her the place where my dear friend Siva Prasanna is currently staying, called Dar Es Salaam, is the capital of Tanzania in Africa. She then suspiciously asked if I knew all the countries & capitals of the world, or if I was just bluffing. Hahaha. Nobody seems to believe me-moron..? :(

That’s it...! :-)

The unexpected cup of tea, and my Mommy’s curiosity had their effect…!

I quickly ran into my room, to my lappie…& came up with a 2-line (yes ! Just 2 lines!!) code which created this magical image… J

It has a list of 237 countries, their capital cities & their flags & even their shapes respectively...!

{Click on it..., better save it & SCROLL & view with a program like Google's Picasa..!! J}

I know...the image doesn't even appear at its normal size right..? 
Thanks a ton to a few of my friends fer pointing it right away to me-moron. 
"Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty.", as my one of my oft-quoted saying (a Sicilian proverb) goes.:-) 

Here's the LINK fer the image to download & view properly..! :)

The strange thing is, I took hardly 5 minutes to cleverly set up those 2 lines…but took an additional 20 minutes to get my CRAZY COLORs, FONTS, etc…! J

Some interesting points to note:
  1. The font I wanted ( & managed to get!) is simply country number 138 J
  2. The map of Egypt (number 60) has a near perfect right angle…looks like a right-angled triangle… J
  3. The flag of Isle of Man (number 100) is so interesting, and unusual.

This then, is THANKS to YOU Mommy...!! :-)

Love & Best Wishes,

The boy in 'rags'
Planet Earth
"The best academy-a mother's knee."
:- James Russell Lowell

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