Saturday, March 5, 2011

Five elements !!


At-last, I have been able to "write out" this GEM, and thankfully, this time, not in a notebook in my scribbly hand-writing...!! :)

Please take a Behold the Beauty Below...:)
(Oh...nice alliteration there! :) Hmmm... :))
[ And Click it if you like..! ;-) ]

Like the five cosmic elements of the Greeks, or the ancient Indian system of seeing the Cosmos as being composed of Pancha-bhoothas (ಪಂಚಭೂತಗಳು--see this link), this lit'l equation, also known as Euler's Identity, somehow manages to unite 5 lovely "elements" in one place..!

(a) Euler's number e,

(b) a mystical element i (square root of -1) frem the Complex World..(like Ether..?? :) ),

(c) Unity (1),

(d) Nothingness (Zero--), and

(e) To top it all, a Pi, the transcendental number that makes the World & so many more things (go) ROUND ! :P

Really, an awe-inspiring beauty indeed..!!
Love & Best Wishes,
The moron in 'raghu',{Planet Earth

PS: How nice that even 'raghu' & "moron" have 5 (a Prime!!) characters apiece in them...! :) 

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