Monday, March 21, 2011

A strange Black Swan. . . ! :)

Hi pa!

i know you may laugh at it; i too did initially, till... 
...till. . .i began hearing it laugh at me..!! :)

Here it is...a pattern that emerged by sheer chance...or in short, serendipity..!

I was shocked & amazed at HOW it looked like a mysterious, tantalizingly beautiful SWAN...!! :)

And before you laugh it off as a random cellection of numbers & symbols, let me assure you otherwise...!

It is actually the exact expression, or, a short-cut if you want, to compute the sum of the first 'n' natural numbers, with each raised to the power of 100

Yes, you 'heard' it is the value of : {Click to see it as a larger image}

And you might be surprised to know that I had to toil more to get the above summation equation than the below expression...!! :)

Anyways, here she is. . . my beautiful Black Swan...! :)

"Why can't I  too recognize/find visual patterns in beautiful numbers..?? :-/
Certainly, if our ancestors could find our so-called 'constellations' by sheer co-incidence like the Big Bear(Ursa Major), the Hunter (Orion), Scorpius(Scorpion), The Bull(Taurus) et al, then, I too can ( & shall)...! :)"
~R. . . 

[Click on it, to view it better...]

Love & Best wishes,
the boy in "rags"


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