Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do NOT Miss GOD...! :)

Watch OUT...!! Open your eyes..!!
Don't MISS...and regret later...but SEE n Rejoice NOW..!!

I don't know...

I just don't know...! :-( 

The saddest part is that we humans somehow, somewhy JUST Can't FEEL it...!!! :-(

We're insulated against the Miraculous presence of anything Truly Divine...though we can ONLY follow dogmas & rituals superficially...!!

Me just had a tiff with my relatives & people in my village regarding some stupid procedures & thoughts that they seem to still harbour...without ever having any convincing reasons to do so...! (For example, the idea of Animal-sacrifice to appease the so-called Gods & Goddesses, Un-touchability, Looking down on people of other countries, color, or communities...first of all, CLASSifying ( & hence dividing !! ) people like that....
Fears about Celestial bodies/events like Eclipses, New-Moon, etc... & then the ridiculous idea that we can even propitiate the ANGRY planets & stars, abhorring/avoiding a person on the (BLIND!!)-basis that he/she was/is born under a bad-star or angry planet's influence, etc..!!
(Would consider to agree if they can at-least calculate the so-called influence of all the 10^11 X 10^11 stars in the observable UNIVERSE...!!!!! 
And quite Frustrating in deed..!!! 
Instead of appreciating the Beautiful chance called LIFE on our Love-ly Planet...we spend our time perpetuating such ugly Un-TRUTHS...instilling future generations with FEAR & IGNORANCE instead of a sense of AWE n WONDER at the marvels of our Universe & our incredible abode of Earth...! 
WHEN will ASTRONOMY replace our ASTROLOGY...? 
WHEN will SCIENCE temper our Pseudo-Science driven by Religion...n uncover the TRUE Religion of Humanity & LOVE...??? )
But it is amazing that they do NOT Believe ANY Good things the SAME way...!! :)


Came across this Lovely song...& want to share it..BEFORE it's too LATE...!! :)

It's from a forth-coming Bollywood movie called "Anjaana Anjaani"...

Sung beautifully by a Mr. R -- :) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, son of the legendary singer...the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan... :)

Sorry for those who do NOT understand Hindi, but the essentially a message by the so-called ALMIGHTY (force)...who says to the listener :

"YOU do NOT know, nor can you see or feel...But GOD is Right there...!! :)
Even in your moments of Abysmal Darkness and Despair...fear Not..GOD is there...
Your Miserable Lines of FATE...Courage & Faith CAN Repair...
Because, even When you Feel you are LEFT all ALONE...
Despair NOT...for ALWAYS with you...Right there...!! :) "

But....ALAS, we NOT seem to CARE...

I always used to say...that GOD has perhaps STOPPED Looking AFTER Us...!! 

But is the Other way round...

It is US...who have Stopped 'SEEING', Stopped FEEL-ing... :(

Will we WAKE up...??

Shouldn't we TRY..?? 

I leave you with the "divine" lyrics...

and Lots of LOVE..and a piece of's upto YOU to FEEL it..!!


Tu Na Jaane Aas Paas Hai Khuda...! 

Dhundhla jaayein jo manzilein
Ik pal ko tu nazar jhuka
Jhuk jaaye sar jahan wahin
Milta hai rab ka raasta
Teri kismat tu badal de
Rakh himmat bas chal de..!
Tere saathi mere kadmon ke hain nishaan..! 
Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda..!

Khud pe daal tu nazar, Haalaton se haar kar
Kahaan chala re..? 
Haath ki lakeer ko, Modta marodta, 
Hai hausla re
Toh khud tere khwabon ke rang mein
Tu apne jahan ko bhi rang de..!
Ke chalta hoon main tere sang mein
Ho shaam bhi toh kya ?
Jab hoga andhera
Tab paayega dar mera
Uss dar pe phir hogi teri subah
Tu na jaane aas pass hai Khuda..!

Mitt jaate hain sabke nishaan
Bas ek woh mitt ta nahin haye
Maan le jo har mushkil ko marzi meri haye
Ho humsafar na tera jab koi
Tu ho jahan rahunga main wahi
Tujhse kabhi na ik pal bhi main judaa
Tu na jaane aas pass hai Khuda..!
Tu na jaane aas pass hai Khuda..!...



  1. I should probably listen to this. Then it will be eaiser for me to grasp.

    Btw why don't you use devangiri script than just english, makes the poem more relevant and easy to read.

  2. Hi Paa, I am also agreee with Sriki.
    can you record this for us??

  3. Hi Paa,
    I am agree with Sriki.
    But Sri, Raghu has sent us mp3 file for this also.. you can enjoy...

  4. The main issue started when people stopped understanding and questioning what and whey they were doing!
    Vedic text says clear, know what you do! First know it then do it. Question it, if not clear don't do it :)


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