Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A simple beauty...! :)

Hi pa...

Was very LOST 'yester-night'...and out of nowhere (or somewhere..!?! :) ), this butterfly somehow came about from a simple equation to cheer me UP...? :)

Me was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it has a pair of tiny antennae too, apart from 2 pairs of wings...which is easier to get. :)

Here's lit'l butter-fly-like insect... :)

And here's the equation that created her.. :)

Hope you liked it...and are inspired yourself too..?!

Love & Cheers,
The moron in 'rags'


  1. Amazing, did you start with the equation first of the figure first :) ?

  2. Sorry Pa.!!, I din't understand your relation of butterfly pic and just below given equation .. ...

  3. Wow!! Nice!! What did you use to come up with this? What tool did you use

  4. IS the pic a graphical representation of the trigonometric eq on the x-y axes????

  5. Thank u SOO much dear frends..! :)

    @g33k -- me started with the equation first..since me had some intuition bout how it wud appear...but did not expect SUCH a Beauty to be frank..! :)

    @Tarun & @Bhajan -- Well, the drawing *IS* indeed a plot..but NOT on x-y axes...but in Polar co-ordinates.

    @Sriki -- Thanks a lot Sriki. I believe we can use (m)any tools to simply plot the equation for the interval I've mentioned...
    The Biggies are things like Maple & Mathematica
    & also there is now, a Python-based, fully open-source tool called SAGE too..! :)
    (FYI @g33k :))

    @Ruch--so sorry pa..!! Me moron accidentally clicked delete on ur comment...n lost it..! :-( But all the same...i do Cherish it..! Thanks..! :)

  6. And please remember..the plot has to be done in Polar co-ordinates ppl..!! :)

    Some of my dear friends tried plotting it, but in vain, & that's when I noticed it..

    In case, you r drawing it in Cartesian co-ordinates, you will have to transform the equation appropriately...

    OLL the Best...!

    Cheers..! :)


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