Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beauty in a Bowl...! <3 :)

Well, well, well...!

Yester-night, I was alone...and felt cold & empty....

I walked into the kitchen....thinking of having some milk...and then I had kept a bowl beside usual...

I heated the milk  in my favourite lit'l mug, & stood there fer a while...pondering over the mundane-ness of our usual......

But then, I don't know why, I...i did something un-usual...! :)

I observed the empty-bowl by the side of the cup...without any thoughts...without expecting/hoping to find anything...

And suddenly...I was what I saw in the empty bowl...!
Something that has been waiting everyday, usual...
Something waiting fer me to to do the unusual, to just OBSERVE it...!!!

Well, if you're curious, here...see it fer yourself....!

Click on the image below--

And if you're wondering what's SOO special about this snap...well...
Please stop & OBSERVE again..!!

Seeing it there...this empty bowl silently gleaming & smiling at me....was like an epiphany...almost Zen-like...and made me SMILE & nod in dis-belief....!!

I really had to blink a few times to ensure I was not (day-)dreaming...!! :) 

I really wonder HOW many such beauties lie about fer us to discover Carl Sagan put it so eloquently... :)

Just check out my earlier post on the "Cardioid" -
If you 'observe'----
I had deliberately put one 'i' less in that link---since 'i' have never been fully happy about it..!! :)
Luckily, later I got sheer luck to create my own HEART...! 
And also my dear friend Prashant too later sent me Lots of ways of creating 'better' HEARTS..! 


Strange are the ways in which I get inspired & re-inspired by Life...!! 

My Heart was like an Empty-bowl...yet...(even) in an Empty-bowl I found heart again...! :)

Love & Best Wishes,

The boy in "rags"
Planet (H)eart(H)
"The universe is full of magical things...patiently waiting for us to discover them..."


  1. Have you figured out why, this shape in particular?
    Me found out that Its Reflected light Caustic that does this Magic
    Light is intense where Incident and Reflected light overlap {inverse square?}
    Thanks again pa for sharing this :)


  2. Apperently based on the size of the boul it will be either Heart(Cardiod) Or Kidney(Nephroid):D !!


    Prashant Bhate

  3. that was tooo good! awesome imagination n source of ispirations! :) admire the heart in the bowl and the heart that saw it too! :)

  4. Thanks pa's..!:)
    @Prash---Yep, it's the magic of Light...& u know what, me wrote in a mail saying the Cardioid resembles more of our Avare-kaayi...or Cow-beans...& then thought of the beans we get in the Cafetaria here..Kidney beans..!!!

    And lo & behold ! There's a curve named after that too..!? Ha ha ha !

    This couldn't get better...!

    Incredible HOW the same idea can come/recur in many people...across space n time...! :)

    Makes one feel...ummm..."Connected" everything, to the Universe... :)


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