Friday, February 26, 2010

A Loving Heart...LOST...!! :'(


Hi pa..!

February 24,2010---yet another lonely night, and I stumbled upon a lovely lit'l documentary on TV with sheer serendipity, that ended up affecting me deeply !

It is a heart-warmingly true-story of a beautiful being "reaching out" beyond its world and be-friending a human-being...almost like an alien being initiating a dialogue voluntarily & be-friending us !


What a GifT indeed..!

This happens so often, but we almost always take it for granted..
In fact, we have become numb to even Miracles ! 
We take miracles for granted--so, perhaps, we no longer deserve them, or can NO longer "spot them" too..!? :(

I simply felt both so touched by the LOVE, unconditional TRUST and miraculous bond of love and friendship extended to us humans by an Orca, or a Killer-Whale called "Luna", & also felt extremely ashamed and SAD to see HOW we (Morons) LOST him ferever...!! :-(



The term Killer-whale is a slight misnomer ; 

it's not a whale per se but the largest member of the Dolphin family--Orcinus orca to be precise...! Please see this link for info...


Truly, we humans know nothing about cherishing & maintaining bonds of Love & Trust...!! We sever them at the slightest hint of discomfort or adversity, or if we see any kind of benefits in doing so...! :(


We can even feign Love & Friendship fer our selfish needs/means...!! :-/

Our cunning, calculating, selfish minds (=LOGIC) have overtaken our simple, trusting hearts...! :(


Anyways, here is the link for the award-winning, full-documentary-movie that will be released soon all over the world...

I sincerely hope we all get to 

...see it, 

FEEL it, 

be changed by it-- a bit...!

Unfortunately, ALL the media attention, the awards, our money, our science & technology, the gadgets, & our medical advances put together.., can NOT bring back that precious lit'l Life cheer up the few individuals who knew HOW beautiful it was...! :-(

It just takes a few moments of unscrupulous madness to WIPE off a beautiful little LIFE from the face of the EARTH, irreversibly...!



May dear Luna (means the MOON, i believe)  "Swim in Peace"...among the stars...floating playfully...far far away from all the human vice...! :)


And as the parting quote in the documentary so aptly put it, we people need to accept & understand the fact..that---

" A life does NOT have to be human to be GREAT...! "


With (Prayers fer){1,} Love and Best wishes fer beings which/who deserve but don't get it..
The boy in "rags"..
Planet (H)eart(H)...

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