Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well..here it is..below...my version of the He(ART)...! :)

How is it..!??!?
(Look @ the shine on it..!!! )

And if you are curious, well, the figure above was made by drawing many nested HEART-Curves...one inside the other...(like the layers of Onion--
Allium cepa..! :) )...

And each of such layer is given as below...

...this is done by a parametric-set of equations that I crazily obtained by pure, sheer Serendipity, and Stubborn-ness in terms of tweaking various parameters with a MAD Hope against OLL rhyme or reason...!! :)
[Note : (a,b,c) = (3,2,2) ]

There then, is it NOT better than the "blunt" 
Cardioid ? What do you reckon..? ;)

I think I should call it Ugare's Heart..!??! ;-)

Truly..when we are (B/M)AD-ly in LOVE...we tend to get some immensely beautiful things...!! :)

And even Science, has to forgo ALL Logic, and plunge madly, with Intuition and Hope, to uncover new (de)-Lights..!!!??

Love & Cheers !

The boy in "rags"

Wherever you go, go with ALL your HEART.
:~ Confucius

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