Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Cardiod


You must surely have heard of the
Cardioid---which produces a supposedly HEART-like shape.

But why am I telling you this well-known(?! :) ) fact/entity..?? :)

Well...that is just to put it in purr-spective---because I would like to show you the HEART-like shape that "Flew to me"--yes, flew is the word----flew magically to a hapless, clueless Me....when I was experimenting this weekend...alone...in my room... :)

Ever since I was introduced to the Cardioid, I was NEVER happy with its "bluntness"!
I needed something Sharp & more closely resembling the Heart-shape that we are accustomed to seeing on one of the suits of playing cards..!

I created the following figure...with the equation as mentioned below...
(Click on the pic below..!)

So....jussst wait fer the HEART-shape that....flew to Me...! :)

"The moron in rags"


  1. I never accepted cardioid to be heart-shaped. To me it looks more like an apple than a heart :)

    Is the miss-spelled 'Cardiod' intentional?

  2. @Vijay, thanks a lot fer spotting the typo...! :)

    And well, it was not intentional, but..i believe...co-incidental..! :)

    You see, "i" am/is Missing frem that Card-i-o-i-d..! :)

  3. Well u see, Heart comes in many shapes and sizes ;) he he !

    Keep up the good work, and keep motivating people

    Prashant Bhate


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