Saturday, August 11, 2012


Square Play. . .! [:-)]

Hi pa!

With the pun on "fair-play" aside...can you spot the beautiful arrangement in the below pic that i created..?!?
[Click on it to view it clearly..! :)]

...It is a nice exercise to try n create SUCH 'squares' fer yourselves...either by hand or better, by programming a computer-friend & taking an excursion into the WORLD of WOR(L)DS...!!  <3 :)
Keep Smiling, and Keep L(i/o)ving...!! ;-)

Love & Best Wishes,

The boy in "rags"
Planet Earth


  1. 5 words each of 5 letters??is that the square u r talking abt here??

  2. Yeah Pavan ! Just observe the words when written one below the plates stacked on each other...!

    You read the same words left-to-right...and also top-to-bottom...! :)

    What I'm wondering is HOW to write an algorithm to help the computer SEARCH such squares...! :P :)

  3. That would be a very interesting algorithm indeed. Wonder how many such squares are hidden away.

  4. Yes Adarsh ! Indeed, just thinking about the simplest cases began enlightening about these weird 'entities' we call matrices...!! Hmmm.. :)


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