Saturday, July 7, 2012

Food for Thought

Strange bug (or feature?)...
Hi pa,

Well, I just realized ( & was made to realize by my dear friends!) that I have been forgetting to have food almost everyday--I tend to simply 'ferget' lunch/dinner...while being "Lost" in my own crazy wor(l)ds....and sometimes, not feel like eating alone...hmmm...

Hence, came up with a funny observation describing this...involving some nice play of words !
[Click on it to view it clearly..! :)]

They say that YOU become WHAT you EAT...
So if I eat ONLY Thoughts...then there's every chance that I might soon turn into a mere Thought...a Figment of Memory...a GHOST...!??! :P

Or purr-haps I already am..!?!?

Reminds me of a wonderful Ghazal which goes like -- "Main Khayaal hoon...Kisi Aur ka..."--meaning "I am JUST a Thought of Someone...."

Anyways, Hope you FEED on this fer now...! :P

Hope you can 'digest' this...Sorry, but i felt like sharing this thought...
 Keep Smiling, and Keep L(i/o)ving...!! ;-)

Love & Best WIshes,

A "thought" in "rags"
But I wonder how I always remember to have TEA...and miss it sorely after a while, along with the company of either my dearest Mommy or my dear friends...! 
I feel such Bliss in getting "Lost" in silent contemplation over a cup o' Tea, and I don't know how or why I seldom feel any HUNGER of the literal kind, except when I am with my dear friends...! 

Well, now, that's further food fer thought I suppose ! :P

Burrrp..!! :)

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