Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lovely Dawn and Pigeons

Lovely Dawn and Pigeons..Celebrating LIFE & Sun-Rise..!!! :) 
Hi pa...!

Look at this SNAP when U are Calm & NOT thinking too much...
Or Better still,

Please Be Calm & DO NOT think too much while looking at this snap...!!
Jussst FEEL..!!
That's Why in Japan, in ZEN Tea Gardens, we have to leave our foot-wear out-side... It's NOT the same motto behind-the-scenes as in temples.. The motto is to remind us to "Leave OUR MINDS" outside & then go FEEL the Freshness of Experiencing things like a new-born child...with complete innocence...without Bias...! :)

[Click on the above image to see it properly]

I too had jussst woken up in B'lore....& saw these Pigeons Awaiting the Sun-rise at the crack of dawn; Preeening, Cooing & Swaying in the gentle morning breeze...!

For 10 minutes ( I dont know..! Couldn't reckon the passage of TIME..!)...i Ceased to "EXIST"--so to speak...

I feel I was simply "LOST" observing HOW "ALIVE" they were to the BEAUTY that surrounds OLL of us...I truly felt BLESSED...!!

I dont know HOW or WHY exactly or WHEN me got out the Camera, put in the batteries...& CLICKed this snap ( & that too with such a Weird angle as you can see..!! )...!!
In short, it is Another of those snaps that...."get CLICKED" OLL by themselves...!!!
I was Jussst a DUMB, Medium...who Got "LOST" in the Utter Simplicity & BEAUTY of that Moment...!!!!
Now, THAT is WHAT is called an EXPERIENCE....!!! When the "experiencer" ceases to Be..!!!!


The great Indian Mystic/poet Kabir Das has beautifully explained why it is Impossible to meet GOD...!!!
He said--
"Look at the Irony..!!
When "I" was, GOD was NOT..
Now, GOD is here, but I am NOT...!!"

That's WHY things like True LOVE, the True DIVINE experience scare people..!!!
Because, LOVE is the complete DEATH of the ego...when u DROP ur sensation of YOUrself...You feel the whole of Existence..!!

It happens SOO many times to MANY of us---when we see HOW a Beautiful Painting or a Poem or a Program is BORN out of us...with us wondering later WHO made it...!!!

Definitely NOT us! Definitely NOT the MIND alone...!!! :)

Felt like Sharing it with YOU too...That's OLL..!!!
THANk you..!! :)

Take care, and...stop thinking, and start L(i/o)ving ! <3 :)

With LOTS of LOVE as Olways..
The boy in "rags"


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