Monday, November 30, 2009

Genius Again...! :)

I do not have too many words to say this time...i mean NOW..!
(Also because, it is freezing cold here, & i got drenched in it...& my fingers are numb, & paining...!)

But the main that...ALL my words...are embedded in the below Picture-article...that i created literally drop-by-drop...OLL day & night yesterday...sitting ALONE in my room...and trying to understand what the wind howling @ my window was trying to say to me-Moron..!!

See fer yourself..! :)

And please do let me know HOW it is...!
Will You pa..??
Isn't it PURE, SHEER Genius of the Highest ORDER...!?? jusst want to "Discover" & SHARE more & More of it, while i am here on EARTH...!

There is Genius in the trees, insects, & even people all around...and hence, in U(s) too...
it is simply thrilling to contemplate the magic in it...!!
Click on the below image to know more/WHY...

This is what i article that delighted my Image-ination...!! :)
{Very hard fer pagination though...! ;))}

So...without...much ado..
Here we go...! :)

LOVE & best wishes,

the boy in "rags"
Below is a Calvin & Hobbes strip with a nice word-play too..! ;)


  1. Good one Raghu. :-)

    I was wondering what thought process might have led ramanujam to find such an incredible pattern in the chaos.

  2. May be this was just a part of 'bigger' problem which he was solving..

    What could be the use of this 'discovery'?

    Or is this his way of telling there are many seemingly useless (to us!) but brillinat, beautiful things hidden in this world of ours ?

  3. Fantastic...Your exploration of Ramanujam is nice..enjoyed this one thoroughly


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