Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Un-Lightenment..! :-/

(f)-or Pseudo-science. . .

Thanks to Microsoft 's research project code-named Project-Tuva, (which is actually a nice way of attracting people to try out their new web-app runtime/platform SilverLight ..!), I was watching the first of the Messenger Series Lectures on the Character of Physical Law delivered at Cornell University by none other than one of the MOST brilliant theoretical physicists, & one of the most original thinkers of recent times--- Richard Feynman...!!

After explaining
the Law of Gravitation in a way that ONLY he can do, he paused & went into the applications of the law...

I quote below the excerpt of his lecture verbatim...

"The only applications [of the gravitational law] I could think of were,

first, in some geophysical prospecting,

in predicting the tides;

nowadays, more modernly, in working out the motions of the satellites and the planet probes, and so on, that we send up–

and also, modernly, (his head bows down..he smiles wryly...)
to calculate the predictions of the planets' positions,
which have great utility for astrologers to publish their predictions and horoscopes in the magazines.

That’s the strange world we live in, . . .

that all the advances and understanding . . .

are used. . .

ONLY to continue the NON-sense
which has existed for 2,000 years...!"


Oh My !!!

You MUST truly hear this LAST sentence in the Lecture I say...!
The intonation, everything shows how agitated he feels..!)

SUCH Pain...Such wry humour, Such ANGST...such helpless frustration & shame...was/is ALL so evident in his ever smiling face when he said/says this...!!

In fact, for a very short-while, his always-effervescent face almost becomes grim...!

Needless to say, it HURTS
to see Science again being made to Work for Pseudo-Science, which ONLY serves to mis-Guide our lives, rather than Enlighten & Guide us from the Depths of our Ignorance...!


Anyway, thanks to Mr.
Bill Gates for his initiative of buying these gems of thought & sharing them with the rest of the world...


"I just hope we EVOLVE soon to become Better, Wiser, truly SAP-ient species...like Trees
" :-raghu.ugare

With Lots of Love, & HOPE & Best Wishes fer U(s). . .

The boy in "rags"

Planet (H)eart(h). . .
Now, fer some light-hearted humour on Parents' view of what kids learn @ school..!



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