Monday, June 4, 2012

A Knotty M.E for You!

Naughty me, with a Knotty M.E....!! 

Well, well, well...!

I have been LOST deep in patterns, numbers n other stuff...

But little did I know that I'd come across a beautiful thing like the one below, while randomly playing eround with Mathematica :
[Click on it to view it in its full-glory..! :)]

This is a plot of well...a Knotty M.E...!!! ;) :)

I mean a Knotty Mathematical Entity....!!!

Knots are a separate field in Mathematics now with lots of significance, concerned frem Topology to the Physics of dimensions, String Theory, etc...

Well we can't know what secrets lie where, in our surprising Universe...both well as within...both on the edge of the observable well as deep within the atomic-levels...!!

Hope it made you smile & it did fer me...!

Keep Smiling, and Stay Knotty/Naughty...!! ;-)

Love & Best WIshes in tight KNOTS always...,

The boy in rags

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