Thursday, December 16, 2010

Women & the Universe -- sequel..! :)

Parallels between Women and the Universe...!?!

Today my dear friend Pavan was asking me about my views on Parallel Universes...! I shrugged my shoulders & said it's not a good scientific theory, since nothing about it can be easily proved/disproved by means of simple experiments--the hallmarks of a sound scientific theory. 

But thanks to his questions...i-Moron (That, would be the title of my auto-bio-graphy!! :P) suddenly remembered about my idea of writing a sequel to my previous article...& this time...list out the "parallels" of our Universe w.r.t. Women..!! :))

Without much we go..! :)
  • Both are structures of incredible, infinite complexity...! 
  • Both are the very source(s) of ALL Life...& have captured the imagination (& lives too..!! :( :) ) of we-men..!! ;) :)
  • Both are immensely mysterious; with nobody yet able to fathom the secrets they harbour...from Einstein to Freud..! Nobody ever will too..! :)
  • If provided the right kind of conditions, both are capable of giving birth/rise to bright new stars...!! :)
  • Despite their external appearance of great serenity & stability, both fact, seething cauldrons of chaos & confusion within..! In deed, it is a miracle that despite such complexity inside, they appear to be pretty order-ly outside!
  • Both seem to be beyond the grasp of scientific study/analysis! Only mystics, poets & mad-men seem to be able to "see" their true-nature. As fer normal sane men, if/when they try to do it, they too end up as mystics, poets or made-men..! :)

Again no offence meant ...please..!! :) 

Hope you liked it..& it evokes more parallels between the two..?!?
I welcome you to share them then. Hmmm... :)

Anyway, it is easier to observe women than to study we-men. Because then I would be observing frem  the outside.

Of-course, it is an altogether different challenge/exercise to meditate on our own glance within..! That Beyond All Wor(l)ds ...!! :)

Hmmmm...Take care then...& please keep smiling!

Love & Best Wishes,

The moRon in rags,
Planet Earth
And here's something frem Schulz's Peanuts to make you Smile...;) :)
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