Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Women and the Universe ! :)

Relationship between Cosmetics and the Universe...?

Just notice this amazing thing :

...That the words cosmetics & cosmos (=the Universe)..both share a common Greek-root viz., κόσμος ("cosmos" spelled in Greek), which means "order-ly place".

The ancient Greeks believed that our Universe, or the "cosmos" as they called it, was a very order-ly, well-planned system with all the celestial bodies arranged in a great harmony. The term "cosmos" thus carried the connotation that was the exact opposite of "chaos", a state of sheer dis-order., it's easy to see what people...especially women...try to attain via their slew of cosmetic-products...!! :P . . .An attempt to mask the underlying chaos...with a layer of cosmos...!!?!? ;)) [No offence meant please..!! :) ]

Today all of a sudden, I got reminded of this observation twice...once in the office & once home...& hence, I decided to share it before I go.

Hope you enjoyed it pa..? :)

Hmmmm...Take care...n Please Smile; and Keep Smiling...

Love & Best Wishes oLL-ways,

The chaos & cosmos in rags,
Planet Earth
And here's something H(e)art-Warming to make you Smile...(or Sigh..!? ;) )
(courtesy "BC" by Johny Hart)


  1. Women cover-off the chaos on their face as an attempt to bring peace to ever chaotic place!

  2. @overacupofcoffee, I agree..!
    Women better cover off their that peace reigns..! Else, there would only be pieces flying around..! :P


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