Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The violence of silence..!

Silence can be so Love-ly & Beautiful...if it is natural, like that of a flower, a plant, or a distant star... :)

But there are some kinds of Silence that can be so Hurt-ing...the kind that is IMPOSED...un-Naturally, against the innate nature of a person...the Silence that hides Anger, hatred or helplessness...!!

Feel the below GEM written by a sweet lady--for which I literally scoured the whole of Internet..!

I really do NOT know HOW or WHY i come across and REMEMBER such un-Common gems...

But it really expresses what I have FELT soo much SO Well...!

The boy in rags

Sticks and stones are hard on bones 
Aimed with angry art, 
Words can sting like anything 
But silence breaks the heart.

:- Phyllis McGinley
Ok...some sweet to make you smile after that bitter dose..of truth...! :)
The below toon is from "Reality Check" by one Mr. Dave Whamond

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