Sunday, October 17, 2010

Silent Spectator..

Well, was resting...watched the Dasara proceedings on TV...while having Mom-made stuff at home...

Now, mommy got some leaves of the "bunny" tree--and the 4 of us @ home exchanged "GOLD"---that's how the leaves are supposed to be treated/referred

It wud've been great fun if i was in my village...with tiny gals also draped in Sarees ( & if even younger & smaller...a towel of their farmer-papa's acting as one..! ;-) Aww... )...shyly coming over to exchange these leaves..! :)

I fer one...was smiling HOW it took 6 exchanges among we 4...since it is 4-C-2...LOL..! :)
[Mom did say---"HEY Mr..where are you LOST..?? What u worried bout..?? Huh..?" ]


Oh My! "Blind" Math against "Common-sense"..! :P

Me went out n told Mom & she vehemently said it takes only 4 exchanges...
Me explained to her animated-ly & then ran to my room & produced the following programmatically (fer my satisfaction..! ):

{{Pappa, Mommy}, {Pappa, Sis}, {Pappa, meMoron}, 
{Mommy, Sis}, {Mommy, meMoron}, {Sis, meMoron}}

That is, I created a list of ALL 4 of us...& then generated ALL Permutations of exactly 2 elements, & removed "duplicates"...thanks to the power & compact-ness of Functional Programming...! :)

Phew !! I am a bit dizzy & she got me doubting fer a moment..!

Scepticism !! 

And i gladly welcome it..! :)
{That's why, I am sometimes able to convince my Mommy-dear about the futility & stupidity of some of the things we do...! She is quite scepticism...which is the burden (& SEED !) of Science..! :) }

Lots of Love & ....nothing... :)
The moron in rags

Fer a dose of smile &'s frem the genius of Jim Watterson's Garfield.. :) 
Click on it & Smile...Pleeeeeze...??? Thank YOU..! Now, stay THAT way..! :)

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