Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Coins...Fer a Change...!! :)

Was feeling 'lost'...and then decided to pay ettention to my thoughts....

I was thinking randomly...a lot about random numbers... 
(Hmmmm....i've not yet stopped...nor will I ever...hahaha!)

You can't imagine the MAGICAL things that lurk behind a seemingly RANDOM Universe....!

As one of my thoughts encouraged me to do, I took out a coin...& flipped it...
(yeah...Cricket -match coin-TOSS! :P )...

And as it turns out...fer a few tosses, it appeared to be biased towards HEADS or TAILS...
[Out of 10 chances...7 will be heads, or even 8 or 9 will be tails...!]

But then, I imagined....
WHAT if...what if I extend this tossing OVER & OVER & OVER egain....& egain..!?!?

In the short-term...we may feel the Universe/God is biased...but over a Loooong term...there is JUSTICE..n EQUALITY (of Probability..)..?? :P

So armed with this thought...and tonnes of emptiness....i sat blinking before my monitor....waiting....fer the magic to happen...

And happen it did...!!

Before long, between my work....I had whipped up a couple of lines to show me graphically the results of 1,000 coin help me 'see'...

And the results...are (t)here fer YOU to see...! :)
  • n(heads)  = 504 
  • n(tails)    = 496
{ Click on the picture below !} 

    Moral: EVEN a state of ORDER has CHAOS & Randomness underneath...! :) 
    It is just amazing HOW a seemingly random set of events...can aggregate and 'appear' to be 'orderly' to our Mind/Brain...! 

    Is it not pa..? :)

    Phew..! :)

    Love & Best Wishes,
    The boy in "rags"


    1. I agree on this, but if you repeat the experiment a couple of times or even more, do you think there will be equilibrium restored? i.e., the probability of heads and tails occurring evenly despite multiple experiments on different coins is almost equal?
      Did I make sense or have I got it completely wrong?

    2. @Kailash, didn't get your question clearly.
      But I'll try to say what I want to convey...

      Looked at a close-range, Nature appears to be chaotic & Randomness & Uncertainty are the driving factors.

      But the same things..when 'zoomed' out...or observed on a large-scale...tend to 'even-out' into a Calm(er), Orderly state... :)

      In general, since there is EQUAL probability of getting head/tail, we should get roughly equal numbers..(but NOT necessarily..! Beware..! )..

      You can even perform similar experiments & share your observations! :)

      I plan to do several more like this in the days/nights to come... :P

    3. Can we relate the same towards economic crises the world is facing now? keeping USA & Europe on one side and BRIC & other nations on another side.

    4. @Santosh, I am afraid I am too ignorant on that pa..! :)
      My only interest, is in Randomness in natural phenomena...which COULD in principle be at work inside our human minds..which have devised all our politics, religions, economy, etc...


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    Thanks a lot in deed.. :)