Sunday, June 5, 2011

Unlearning misht-lakes..!! :-/ :)

I pursed my eyes, observed deeply, & realized a shocking truth, that I was mis-spelling the name of the great Hungarian genius Pál Erdős...!!! :-/ :-(

You too are mistaken, if you thought that the o in his name has an ordinary 'umlaut' over its head ! :P Decided to type it out & share...! :)

Also, thanks to my teacher Mrs.Sanhita Mahindrakar (who was such a great friend & guide & changed my life forever, by gifting me this book I didn't read for the 1st 2 years---"A Brief History of Time" by Prof.Stephen W Hawking ! :) ) at high-school, I learnt very late in my life about 2 more typos in my brain...'vaccum' (should be 'vacuum'!), & 'seperate' (should be 'separate' !)

Here's the not-right way...which is easy to assume...hahaha...
[Click on it..!]

and here's the right way, with what is called a Hungarian umlaut accent mark on the letter "o" : [Click on see it better..]

Sigh...our mind/intellect, takes too many things fer granted...we must try and be... awake,...alert,...and aware...of the sheer emtpiness inside..!! 

Keep Smiling...! :)

Lots of LOVE & Bessst Wishes...AL(L) always...! :)

The Boy in 'rags'
Planet Earth


How very little does the amateur, dwelling at home at 

ease, comprehend the labours and perils of the 


-- R.L.Stevenson and L.Osbourne, "The Wrong Box" 


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