Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shear Magic...! <3 :)

Hi pa!!

Well, one of my friends Shreyas, had shared a link on the topic of matrices in general, & there they had shown a very interesting "shear" transformation of the image of the famous MonaLisa of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Here is that image...courtesy Wikipedia ( Click this link )

And I had promised that I too would try n somehow do that on my own...!!
Because, I felt, with my Wishful Thinking, that OLL it needs, is a matrix representation of the image in question, & then, apply a 2X2 or 3X3X3 "transformation" matrix on it...! :)

And I shut myself up, trying this way & that...checking if there's a very simple representation I could work with...but all my efforts had either gone astray or in vain...into the drain...!! :-(

But all of a sudden, teday, (on the eve of Mothers' Day..!?!?) I was able to JUST Do it..!! :)

And hence, without much ado, let me SHARE this sheer miracle..!!
[Note: SHEAR & SHARE are anagrams of each other! Howzzthat..?? :P]

Fer this experiment, I decided to use the snap of the beautiful Maria Sharapova--guess she's lucky enough to be chosen by Me fer some image make-over(s)..!!? ;) 

BEFORE the SHEAR: (As-is, in fact the "shearing" parameter is all zeroed out..!) 

AFTER a +ve SHEAR in the horizontal (x-axis) direction

AFTER a -ve SHEAR in the horizontal (x-axis) direction

Hope u liked it pa..!??! :)

As fer me, i jusst LOVE--D it...(including the snap of Maria too..! ;) Sorry Maria...but thanks fer your b'ful snap & fer bearing with this...!! :) )

Thus, with some stubborn determination & image-ination, we can always manage to do some "transformations"...!! :P

Keep Smiling....AL(L)-ways...! :-* :)

Love & cheers,

the moron in "rags"
Note: As a follow-up to this, I was able to extend it, & achieve a 3-D shear setting up a nice, 3-dimensional [3X3X3] matrix.
But I feel the 2-D shear illustrates it just fine enough... :) 

Here's one of my favourite oxy-moronic quotes in this context... :) 
I close my eyes, in order to "see"...
- Paul Gauguin

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  1. sometimes u make the impossible look so easily do-able! :)


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