Saturday, January 8, 2011

Searching. . .in Vain ! :-|

Hi pa,

Recently, my dear friend Vijay had written a love-ly poem in Kannada, which reminded me to share a "bhaavageethe" (bhaava=emotion, geethe=song) written by the poet G.S.Shivarudrappa & rendered so poignantly by the late C.Ashwath, a legendary singer & music composer himself.

I vowed to try & type that song in KannaDa script & only recently, managed to do it..!

Phew..! Better late than never..! :)

So, here it You, dear Promised..! :)
{Please do contact me to receive the brilliantly composed song (audio)...! Shall only be too happy to share it.. :)}

Click on the below image, to read/see better..!

. . .a Love-ly song indeed..!

It says how we search in vain fer a God that does NOT exist...amongst ruins of stones & mortar, whilst missing to see/feel the divine essence in our own midst..among our fellow beings, in our beauty..! 
It also laughs at how we build fortresses of arrogance & stone-hearted numbness, stifling the eternal bliss of Love that could have flowered within..! :-(

So apt & relevant for OLL of us, in this age of superficial progress & inner shallowness & stupidity!

Love & Best Wishes,

The moron in 'rags'
Planet Earth


  1. Wonderful.. Loved it.. U r going great gunz.. Way to go.. I shall watch this space for more.. Cheers.. :)


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