Thursday, April 8, 2010

Patterns in Nature...! :)

Hi pa..!
During the seemingly lazy Easter-weekend, I was completely bowled over by a gem of a short-movie inspired by the occurrence of numbers, & geometrical patterns in NATURE....made by a Spanish graphic-designer and "3D-artisan" named Cristóbal Vila...

The movie so elegantly depicts the beautiful manifestations of  :

1) The Fibonacci series & the (logarithmic) spiral,
2) The Golden ratio & the (related) Golden angle, and
3) The Delaunay Triangulation, & the Voronoi tessellations/tilings...

Before you feel overwhelmed &/or bored by all the esoteric stuff I just mentioned, 

I urge you to please take some time watch the movie with your dear friends...and let me know..

The movie is -- Nature By Numbers, & it is available at :-

And a separate link to  Cristóbal Vila's personal site, which has a lucidly illustrated text on the mathematical theory behind the movie is :-

Kudos to you Cristóbal Vila..!! :) That is absolutely brilliant in deed..!

That's all fer now...

I shall look forward to hearing frem YOU...regarding how you liked this little gem, & also about the phenomena there in...(like the Sunflower heads, and most amazing of all fer me, even the seemingly random patterns on the Wings of a Dragon Fly being nothing but Voronoi tilings...!! )

Phew....!!!!!!!!!!.... :)

Love & Best wishes,


The boy in rags...
Planet E-art-h
And now, fer a funny pic...courtesy "BC" by Hart..
Keep Smiling...! :) 

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  1. Amazing article. Very interesting!!

    Nature is wise and motherly, only if we can understand it !!


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