Monday, March 22, 2010

How Eye-deas re(oc)curr in Nature....! :)

Déjà View...! :)
Hi pa..!

Please consider the following 2 snaps...both conceived & formed by 2 different in-duh-viduals, for 2 similar looking visuals...!!

Below is my (self-)snap that I had taken looooong ago(2005 ?!) in my village...on one lonely evening, in the fading the mirror...
(It has become my signature image ever many of my dearest friends know...)

And....below, is the image from the James Cameron movie---AVATAR(2009)

Hi-s-tory...repeats, rhymes, & chimes...doesn't it...??? :)

Especially, I feel fascinated by How the SAME IDEAS tend to sprout in different minds at different points in Space-Time...! (The idea of GOD, or fer that matter Calculus, are a few of the many glaring examples of this rare-yet-possible phenomenon..!)

THAT, fer me, is something inexpressibly mysterious, yet contemplate the rare probability that the SAME idea (be it a thought, equation, image, joke, word, poem, fact any idea..!) can SPRING up in 2 separate(??!?) brains...! :)

Hmmmmmmm...... :)

Love & Best Wishes,

The (baffled) boy in rags,
Planet (H)eart(h)


  1. Its really COOL..!!

  2. James Cameron copied you :D. Two ideas did not come from different minds...

  3. Cool...
    May be... you are his avatar !!!

    Are you promoting parallel universe... :)


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