Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Engineers' Day..!


As my dearest Mommy reminded me today ( As I say, I'm awful with
"Dates"..! ;) :-| )... Today is "Engineers' Day" ...!

This is to mark & commemorate the birth-anniversary of one of India's legendary engineers & statesmen,
Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah
(Please excuse me for the scary-looking spelling...!!
I feel
English is very POOR in its ability to convey the pronunciation of words unambiguously and with
"high-fidelity" , like say Kannada, Hindi, Tamil & other phonetic languages..!
Indeed their design itself must be a feat of great linguistic Engineering..! :))

But alas, the joy was short-lived...as I re-gained my consciousness.. ( & conscience..!! )..!

I immediately joked to my friend

See...in the same way as...
a Lady-bird is NOT a bird...
a Silver-fish is NOT a fish...
a Software-Engineer, is NOT an Engineer...!"

Although we both let out peals of hearty laughter at the instant analogy & word-play, we both understood..that WHAT was actually meant...was a realization that we so-called Software Engineers...are really some sort of
impostors getting away with that title..!! :-/

In deed, what we are today, is the result of an amalgamation of the great advances made by painstaking ( & sometimes outright CRAZY !!) leaps of faith & intuition by people from so many varied disciplines like Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, etc..!!

It is SAD & shameful indeed to see the amount of RESPECT ( leave alone interest!) shown in things like Algorithms & Mathematics by so-called Software Engineers that we see now-a-days..!!

And it is sadder still, to see people who ARE truly interested & capable, being unable to bring out their ideas to fruition, due to the money-minded, goal-oriented world around... !! :-/

So, let us truly try and innovate in some-way...or the other...!!

And fer that to happen....we need to Do something Interesting....rather than pretend to Do something JUST fer the sake of doing it...!!!

{ Which is exactly the CASE in 99.999% of ALL our lives...( Yes, ALL of U(s)..!! )...

We just go on pretending...!
And our conflicts are never-ending..!


Anyway, kudos to the great engineers...
(including the Legendary ones & also the countless behind-the-scene-GEMS in our Software field too..to the people behind the great ideas, & algorithms on which we have constructed our so called Information Technology...)

It is humbling & inspiring at the same-time...to REFLECT on even one interesting Engineering marvel however big or small...! :)
It need not be
the Hoover Dam or the Great Pyramid of Giza, it could even be the Quick-Sort or the Binary Search Algorithm...

Or...even simpler...one can marvel at NATURE's Engineering...our very minds, bodies, plants, or even a simple flower, or a nest...! :)

WHAT i feel is Missing in us...is that spark of LIFE, the zeal that we can see in Children & in some colleagues/friends...or even in our OWN childhood snaps perhaps(?!)...!!! :)
{ And also a healthy dose of skepticism and curiosity, as illustrated later below in one of my favourite
Calvin & Hobbes strips..!! :) }

Rather than Engineers...we appear like Zombie-Robots...products of some other Engineer...! :))

Instead of doing something purely from the Logical, cunning, & biased MIND...
Let us try to do something from our HEARTs...i feel THAT, is the Key..! :)

Try it..!!

Keep your Eyes "Open"...!!

With Lots of LOVE & Best Wishes,

the boy in "rags"

For true ART...just look into your "HeART"!! :)
:- raghu.ugare
Click on the below image..! :)


  1. A matching Calvin N Hobbes strip !!

    I am just wondering what minimal set of qualities or characters should a person have to call himself a Engineer?
    So that I can become a engineer someday (at least theoretically!!)


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